• Rafael Medina * Instituto Nacional de Venereología. Caracas. Departamento de Enfermedades Crónicas e Higiene del Adulto. Ministerio de Sanidad y Asistencia Social.

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Man's genitals invassion during the evolution of American tegumentary
leishmaniasis is not a rare condition when numerous lessions are present. It has
been referred to in several papers and the author has personally seen such invassion
in quite a number of patients. On the contrary, the exclusive appearance of genitals
lessions is exceptional." That is why we consider of interest to mention the case of
a 19 years man, born and bred in Zaraza, Estado Guárico, Venezuela; sent from
that small village with an ulceration in the penis of three months of evolution,
having had treatment with Penicillin (1.200.000 U), Streptomycin (30 grams),
Tetraciclin chlorhydrate (12 grams) and Sulphadiazine (32 grams). Clinically, there
was an ulceration in the preputial edge and small region of the glandis, the body of
the penis quite edematized. It was difficult to unveil the glandis due to phymosis.
Medium size adenopathies, hard and mobil inguinal regions. Complementary
investigations to detect B. Ducrey and spirochaetas were negative, VDRL and
Reiter did not react; Histolopatology showed chronic inflamatory granuloma;
apposition smear showed leishmanias in small number. Treatment with N'metil
glucamine antimoniate (glucantime) healed the process in short time.




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